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EMDR for Fear, Anxiety & Phobia Bundle

A Three-Part Demonstration Series Includes: Dr. Parnell offers instructional videos of selected EMDR demonstrations.  In these ground-breaking videos, she teaches EMDR steps in a variety of situations. EMDR with a

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EMDR for Fear of Public Speaking

In this video the client, a therapist, has a fear of public speaking. She would like to present publicly, but she is very anxious and avoids situations where speaking would

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EMDR for PTSD from a Natural Disaster

In this video the client presents in a hyper-aroused, distressed state after being triggered by a recent hurricane. Though he was not physically hurt in this hurricane, it activated memories

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Treating Anxiety Bundle

Four videos on Treating Anxiety in one convenient bundle Attachment-Focused EMDR for Panic and Anxiety In this video of a live session with a volunteer client, Dr. Parnell uses Attachment-Focused EMDR

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