Attachment-Focused EMDR for Early Child Sexual Abuse by a Stranger

Instructional Video

In this video of a live session with a volunteer client, Dr. Parnell works with a woman who presents with a history of sexual assaults and childhood physical abuse. The client reports symptoms of dissociation and present-day triggers that are troubling to her. The client believes the abuse has impacted her interpersonal relationships, particularly her ability to trust people.

The video demonstrates the use of Attachment-Focused EMDR, including the therapeutic relationship, implementation of resources, and use of the modified protocol allowing the client to feel safe enough to enter into and process the traumatic material.

This video shows:

  • Use of Attachment-Focused EMDR with a focus on creating safety
  • Development of a clear target using the modified protocol
  • Installation of a team of resource figures
  • Use of interweaves for blocked processing
  • Closure and debriefing of a complete session

Length: 62 minutes

Digital Download Option: $40.00

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