Effectively Use EMDR to Heal Diverse Populations From Historical and Cultural Trauma

Seven-Workshop Bundle to Reach More Clients

In this video of a live session with a volunteer client, Dr. Parnell works with a man who wishes to heal a past relationship trauma that is causing him distress in the present. Triggered by a recent situation that activ

You’ve experienced the healing power of EMDR and Attachment-Focused EMDR in your practice. But it’s not a one-size-fits-all solution. Your clients from varying cultural backgrounds face different challenges due to cultural and historical trauma. That means you must adapt your therapeutic technique to meet their needs. 

That’s why we’re providing you with this incredible opportunity to learn how to do that for six different cultural populations. Our “EMDR to Heal Diverse Populations” bundle will increase your knowledge and understanding of using EMDR and Attachment-Focused EMDR to help more clients heal from historical and cultural trauma. 

The EMDR to Heal Diverse Populations bundle includes the following workshops, presented by experts in each given culture:

African American Clients

1. EMDR as a Soul-Healing Intervention for Racial, Historical, and Intergenerational Trauma with African American Clients – Presented by Windy Ashley, Psy.D., LCSW

2. Culturally Responsive EMDR: Adaptations for African American Clients – Presented by Wendy Ashley, Psy.D., LCSW

Latinx Clients

3. EMDR Therapy with Latinx Clients – Presented by Pricilla Marquis, Ph.D.

Native American & Indigenous FNMI Clients

4. Recognizing the Trauma History of Colonization of Native American & Indigenous FNMI People and How to Support the Healing of Attachment Wounds – Presented by Shelley Spear Chief, MCSW, RSW, CCTP

Singaporean/Asian Clients

5. Attachment-Focused EMDR with Singaporean Clients: Cultural Issues, Adaptations, and Helpful Strategies – Presented by Yvonne Lek, Ph.D. 

Korean American and Korean Immigrants & Refugee Clients

6. Attachment-Focused EMDR Cultural Adaptations with the Korean American and Korean Immigrant/Refugee Community – Presented by Julie Probus-Schad, MSW, LCSW, and Jennifer Oh, LCSW

Middle Eastern/Iranian Immigrant & Refugee Clients

7. Culturally Responsive Attachment-Focused EMDR with Middle Eastern/Iranian Immigrants and Refugees – Presented by Haleh Rambod, LMFT

Because these workshops are taught by experienced, knowledgeable professionals who’ve partnered with the Parnell Institute, you know you’re learning from some of the best clinicians in the field. Through these workshops, you’ll learn how to:

  • Identify modifications and adaptations to EMDR to meet cultural and emotional needs specific to certain clients.
  • Think critically about the impact of immigration and oppression on particular populations.
  • Identify methods for adapting attuned resources for different client populations.
  • Recognize how power and privilege are barriers to developing an authentic therapeutic relationship.
  • Create client-centered, effective EMDR adaptations.

And much, MUCH more!

At the Parnell Institute, we have an expansive library of incredibly valuable Attachment-Focused EMDR and EMDR workshops to pull from. And we want to share them with you so that together, we can help more people suffering from trauma due to socioeconomic, cultural, and historical traumas. 

Thank you for investing in your practice and striving to learn what you can to help a wider diversity of clients.

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