EMDR for Panic and Anxiety in an Overwhelmed Single Mother

Instructional Video

In this session, the client, a single mother of four children presents with a terror that her children will contract a “tummy bug”. She said she had intense fear, anxiety, and panic that could be triggered by anything that she believed might produce a stomach ailment in her children. She believed that her intense fear was an exaggerated response and wanted to be less anxious and reactive. This case was complicated, multifaceted and had multiple contributors linked to her stress and anxiety that she was able to successfully process with EMDR in this session.

We began by exploring the presenting problem, including any associated triggers, behaviors and history. We then developed and installed resources. We used the bridging technique to find the first target to process, bridging from a recent trigger for her panic. Several times during the session when the client returned to the target to check the work she discovered new emotionally charged channels that she then processed. From time to time we explored blocks and employed interweaves to unblock them. When the earliest target was processed and a positive cognition installed, we checked back with the triggering incident from which we had bridged. Finding that the trigger was no longer charged, she processed it with new feelings and beliefs, and then processed future potential triggers. By the end of the session she felt relief, and a significant diminishment of her anxiety with regard to her children. She realized that there was a “normal” level of stress inherent in raising children on her own, with which she was more comfortable. This video includes an discussion of the case conceptualization and the use of the bridging technique as well as a questions from the class.

This session shows:

  • How to case conceptualize and develop targets from a complex symptom picture
  • EMDR with present day stressors that are causing panic and anxiety
  • How to develop and install resources
  • How to use the bridging technique from present-day triggers to find a target
  • The use of the modified protocol
  • The use of the three- part protocol
  • How to explore blocked processing and use interweaves to unblock processing
  • The importance of processing multiple channels from one target and trusting the process

Length: 77 minutes

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