EMDR for Fear, Anxiety & Phobia Bundle

Instructional Videos

A Three-Part Demonstration Series


  • EMDR with a Phobia
  • EMDR with a Fear of Learning
  • EMDR for Anxiety & Guilt

Dr. Parnell offers instructional videos of selected EMDR demonstrations.  In these ground-breaking videos, she teaches EMDR steps in a variety of situations.

EMDR with a Phobia

This is an example of using AF-EMDR™ to heal a longstanding life-limiting phobia that has an unknown origin. The client presented with the fear of eating fruit. She could not eat any kind of fruit at all. She had had this fear for as long as she could remember. I demonstrate how to employ the bridging technique to discover the root event that links to the phobia (which was a big surprise to both of us.) Integrating an Attachment-Focused orientation, I provided encouragement and support to her as she processed the associated traumas. When she looped, I used several interweaves, particularly resource and imagination to unblock processing. We bridged more than once in this session to completely clear the phobia. At the end of the session she was able to imagine eating.

Length: 60 minutes

EMDR with a Fear of Learning

In this video I work with a woman who had a life-long fear of learning. She reported feeling anxious whenever she was in a classroom situation, fearing that she would fail and wouldn’t be able to learn. She was currently being triggered in my EMDR training. She wanted to feel comfortable in a learning environment and to feel better about herself. From her history I learned that she emigrated from Hungary as a child with her family to America. A secure, happy child in her native country, she lost her confidence when she began school where she did not speak the language and was humiliated by her teacher and classmates.

Length: 54 minutes

EMDR for Anxiety & Guilt

In this video, I demonstrate how to bridge back from a current problem or anxiety and find the target from the past. After bridging from the past I use the modified protocol to process the early memory. After processing the past, the client returns to the present and is able to process the present and imagine a positive future.

Length: 43 minutes

These videos are an essential tool for any therapist who uses EMDR.  Dr. Parnell demonstrates how to use EMDR in a smooth and fluid way. She blends psychodynamic therapy, attachment work and EMDR seamlessly. Watching these clear and comprehensive demonstrations will help all EMDR practitioners master the mechanics of EMDR while learning new variations and tools to help with complex cases. Dr.  Parnell brings years of expertise to her practice of EMDR. She remains faithful to the essential EMDR protocol while bringing new ideas and techniques to help with difficult and/or complex cases.

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