Attachment-Focused EMDR for Panic and Anxiety

Instructional Video

In this video of a live session with a volunteer client, Dr. Parnell uses Attachment-Focused EMDR to treat a woman with a severe phobia that causes her panic and anxiety. The client tearfully explains that she is triggered by seeing or hearing young mothers with small children when the mother or the child seems to be in distress. The client is so triggered by this, that she becomes overwhelmed with anxiety and panic and either attempts to intervene or flees from the situation. The problem is life-limiting and debilitating.

In this session, Dr. Parnell uses the bridging technique to find the childhood incidents linked to the triggers, then employs the modified protocol to reprocess two targets. The client then processes the present trigger and imagined future scenarios. At the end of the session, the client reports feeling free from the anxiety that had plagued her and is no longer triggered. In a follow-up interview the next day, the client reports being symptom-free while riding the subway, unperturbed by crying children and their distraught mothers.

This video shows:

  • Use of Attachment-Focused EMDR with panic and anxiety
  • Installation and development of resources
  • Use of the bridging technique to find EMDR targets
  • Use of the three-part protocol
  • Follow-up interview with the client showing resolution of her symptoms

Length: 45 minutes

Digital Download Option: $50.00

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