Get Certified in Attachment-Focused EMDR

Healing is sacred work that recognizes the whole person including the somatic, emotional, cultural, and spiritual dimensions. Certification is about developing your skills for working with your clients in all these dimensions.

Why get certified?

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Listing on the Parnell Institute for Attachment-Focused EMDR website as an AF-EMDR Certified Therapist.

Recognized Expertise

Authorization to call oneself an AF-EMDR Certified Therapist on business cards, resumes, and more.

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Receive a digital Certificate.



Work with a highly skilled and experienced consultant / mentor to further develop competency in AF-EMDR and compassionately attuning to the needs of each individual client.

Certification Process

Cultivating compassionate, client-centered therapy.

Phase 1

Complete Parts 1, 2, and 3 of Basic Training

Timeframe: This typically takes six months to one year and must be completed within two years.

The Parnell Institute Attachment-Focused EMDR Training is divided into three parts. Participants will take Parts 1 & 2 (Basic Training) over two three-day weekends scheduled close together in time or over seven days in a live in-person setting.

Upon completing Part 2, all participants are required to use Attachment-Focused EMDR in their practices while receiving ten hours of small group consultation from our Parnell Institute faculty (typically done virtually in groups over Zoom).

Part 3 (Basic Training) is a multi-day training taken approximately six months following Part 2 and after completing the requisite 10 hours of consultation with an approved Parnell Institute consultant.

Phase 2

Mentorship & 
Clinical Experience

Timeframe: This is a process that takes at least two years after completing Basic Training.

Trainees must work with 25 different clients using AF-EMDR, for 50 sessions minimum. Trainees must also receive at least 20 hours of consultation and often need additional hours to obtain the required proficiency in AF-EMDR.

A Parnell Institute consultant/mentor must verify in writing that the applicant has fulfilled the required number of hours of individual and group consultation.

Phase 3

Apply for

Timeframe: Varies.

Applicants for the designation of Attachment-Focused EMDR Certified Therapist must meet all criteria and submit required documentation.

You and your consultant/mentor will check in on your progress to determine your readiness for Certification.

The Parnell Institute highly recommends that all EMDR therapists have their own EMDR therapy. It is at the consultants’ discretion to determine if EMDR or another therapy is required to continue with certification at any point in the process.

Your Investment

Basic Training

Fee: Varies

Parts 1 & 2: 40 hours of training; tuition also includes the cost of ten hours of small group consultation from Parnell Institute faculty following Part 2.

Part 3: Multi-day training


Mentorship & Clinical Experience

Fee: Varies


Fee: $200

Application packet fee ($50)

Certification fee ($150)


Fee: $150

Recertification is required every two years.

Membership in the Parnell Institute is included for as long as you renew your certification.

Become a Certified Attachment-focused EMDR Therapist