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Kevin M. Medican

To help clients grow, I assist them in identifying and removing the obstacles that keep them stuck. I focus on individuals, couples and families impacted by addiction and trauma. Based on client need, I employ a versatile blend of support, respectful confrontation, sometimes even humor, combined with Twelve Step approaches

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Shelda Bartels

I began my career working in community health and then opened my private practice in 2008. I specialize in helping people work through traumatic events, both big and small that might have left them feeling shattered, overwhelmed or anxious. Trauma can include events that happened long ago or recently. I

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Rob Baker, M.A., LMFT, LMHC, CSAT-S

I value collaborating with the clients I serve to first clarify their concerns and goals, and to provide effective ways to achieve the satisfying outcomes they desire, personally and in their relationships. The potential benefits of therapy are the reduction or relief from disturbing emotions or behaviors, an increase in

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Karen Gelstein

Karen is a Trauma and Addiction Therapist in private practice specializing in the areas of sex addiction (CSAT), betrayal trauma, love addiction, enmeshment, co-dependency, and complex developmental trauma. Karen works with clients to enhance self-awareness and skill building to help clients’ move through life’s challenges. In her addiction work, Karen

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Melissa Cluff

My favorite quote is “Real is better than perfect,” by Dorothy Satten. I believe being authentic and open in our relationships builds connection with those that are most important to us. We are all working through something—whether it is trauma, addiction and/or relationship issues—and I have found attachment focused EMDR

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Karen R. Corey

Sometimes, when we’re faced with many of life’s challenges, we can find it difficult to reach out. Often fear or shame can get in the way of us asking for help. Working with a therapist, you can begin to feel validated and discover that you are not alone. This will

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