Karen R. Corey

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Sometimes, when we’re faced with many of life’s challenges, we can find it difficult to reach out. Often fear or shame can get in the way of us asking for help. Working with a therapist, you can begin to feel validated and discover that you are not alone. This will offer you some sense of relief, but getting to the root of the problem will offer true relief. Taking the next step by learning new skills, acquiring effective tools and taking advantage of any number of therapies, can help you accelerate that recovery process to completion.

What I’ve learned in the past 23 years is that cognitive therapies don’t seem to get to the root of the problem. I started integrating different therapies such as EMDR, Somatic and Experiential into my work a number of years ago. These therapies help deal with additions, addictions, depression, anxiety phobias, PTSD, early attachment or developmental traumas and other seemingly intractable conditions.

When past traumas are fully resolved, many people find they come away renewed, resilient and ready to live their lives fully.