Ronit Gross

Park Slope, Brooklyn
650 325 8911

I am a licensed psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work from New York University and twenty years of clinical experience as a psychotherapist. Additionally, I provide psychotherapeutic supervision and clinical guidance for therapists at the Brooklyn Center For Psychotherapy in Park Slope, Brooklyn as well as for those in private practice. I have written the children's book "More Than One Way To Be Okay" aimed at helping children learn cognitive flexibility and have published parenting articles online for Mothering and Cookie Magazine. In my private practice also located in Park Slope, I provide individual adult psychotherapy where I specialize in anxiety, depression, anger, romantic relationships, parenting, extended family conflicts, childhood trauma and sexual abuse, gender and sexuality struggles along with many other issues causing conflict within day to day life. I have also completed Attachment Focused EMDR Training and can offer this method as a treatment modality.
I believe in the importance of a varied technique base as, often what resonates with one person may not have the same impact on another. For that reason I am versed in mindful, psychoanalytic, AF-EMDR, psychodynamic, interpersonal, relational and cognitive-behavioral techniques however, all of my work is grounded in the three following statements.
Every person is intrinsically healthy, even when that health is temporarily obscured. (My goal is to help you come home to yourself- the whole, wise person that you already are.)
Unconditional compassion and love towards one's self is an essential element for genuine change. (When relevant, we will work to move beyond whatever has blocked this level of self-acceptance in the past)
Direct perception of one's experience in the moment, without judgement or rejection forges the path to healing. Through becoming present with what actually is, we will identify a wide range of emotions within you and the beliefs attached to them.

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