Treating Trauma Bundle

Instructional Video & Article

 A Spiritual Bundle Discount Package


  • EMDR as Sacred Work
  • EMDR and Spiritual Unfolding article

Dr. Parnell offers instructional videos of selected EMDR demonstrations.  In these ground-breaking videos, she teaches EMDR steps in a variety of situations.

EMDR as Sacred Work digital download

During EMDR processing in this session, I resonate with the client’s traumatic experience while timeless awareness, wisdom and spiritual insight arise and are reported by the client.

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Spiritual Unfolding article

Throughout this 25-page article, I discuss how EMDR can function therapeutically and will explore some of the psycho-spiritual potentials that may be associated with its use.

Length: 47 minutes
Single PDF Download

These videos are an essential tool for any therapist who uses EMDR.  Dr. Parnell demonstrates how to use EMDR in a smooth and fluid way.  She blends psychodynamic therapy, attachment work and EMDR seamlessly. Watching these clear and comprehensive demonstrations will help all EMDR practitioners master the mechanics of EMDR while learning new variations and tools to help with complex cases. Dr.  Parnell brings years of expertise to her practice of EMDR. She remains faithful to the essential EMDR protocol while bringing new ideas and techniques to help with difficult and/or complex cases.

Pat Gallagher, EMDR therapist

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