Attachment-Focused EMDR with a client with Severe Early Sexual Abuse

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Dr. Parnell offers instructional videos of selected EMDR demonstrations.  In these ground-breaking videos, she teaches EMDR steps in a variety of situations.

In this video the client presents with a history of severe early sexual abuse from her grandfather who was someone she loved. The client reported that the sexual abuse memories had been disassociated for 35 years and came back with the birth of her daughter. It was very important to this client that i be present, attuned and see her strengths as well as the harm she experienced as a result of this abuse. We worked together collaboratively almost like a dance. The work was intense, creative, painful and at times, humorous. Throughout this session, an attachment-repair orientation is used: the therapeutic relationship is key to creating safety, adding in reparative neuronets, creating corrective emotional experience, providing mirroring and validation missing in the client. During the session, we used many interweaves. We used interweaves to link her adult self with her child self, to bring resources to the abuse scene, to do things she couldn’t do as a child with imagination interweaves and we used Socratic interweaves to address erroneous beliefs, as well as to help move old trauma out of her body. We ended the session by installing a positive cognition and brought in resources.

Length: 62 minutes

These videos are an essential tool for any therapist who uses EMDR.  Dr. Parnell demonstrates how to use EMDR in a smooth and fluid way.  She blends psychodynamic therapy, attachment work and EMDR seamlessly. Watching these clear and comprehensive demonstrations will help all EMDR practitioners master the mechanics of EMDR while learning new variations and tools to help with complex cases. Dr.  Parnell brings years of expertise to her practice of EMDR. She remains faithful to the essential EMDR protocol while bringing new ideas and techniques to help with difficult and/or complex cases.

Pat Gallagher, EMDR therapist

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