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Tim Mariels

Portland, Oregon & Vancouver, Washington State

A Licensed Professional Counselor and graduate of the esteemed Santa Clara University Counseling Psychology Program, my training focused on mindfulness, a holistic full body-being approach, interpersonal neurobiology, brain science, grief, cognitive work, and attachment. My style is relational and infused with non-judgment, empathy, and understanding. I am here to help you heal and to give you the tools to find and keep well-being. Think of me as a guide who will swim next to you side by side into the ocean of your experiences, understanding the currents and safety needed, and who will work with you collaboratively to help facilitate healing and becoming your best self.

Trained and supervised directly by Dr. Parnell, I utilize EMDR with a majority of my clients to process trauma, support somatic regulation, heal developmental deficits from childhood, and help heal from the traumas of the past to facilitate well-being. I specialize in individual therapy (also couples, children 10+), yet also do performance work with athletes/dancers and high level, or aspiring, executives, as well as do basketball therapy with adolescents and young adults. Unique aspects of my work are informed by having a 35 year mindfulness practice, 13 years as an executive, 10 years as a college basketball coach, and having a background as a professional dancer and martial artist.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2013
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training