Simona Pozzetto

Northampton, Massachusetts

+1 413-354-0036

I have been a therapist since 2003, working in community mental health clinics and long term care facilities. In 2020 I opened my private practice, where I have specifically worked with adults, elderly, veterans and their families, and I have specialized in trauma, grief, mood disorders, and end of life issues. I am a recent Parnell Institute AF-EMDR trained therapist. In my experience, understanding diagnosis and symptoms is the first step of a collaborative approach between therapist and their clients, in order for them to achieve their goals and return to a sense of empowered control.
My approach follows a trauma informed care modality, which is inherently strengths-based and person-centered. It not only helps clients identify their own strengths, but also supports development of new coping skills. Trauma informed care increases emphasis on clients’ making choices and the use of collaborative problem solving.
Choosing the right therapist is like a match making process, and the first step can be difficult. I honor diversity and am LGBTQ+ allied. I am bilingual, English and Italian, and able to provide psychotherapy in both languages. I am currently licensed both in Massachusetts and in Connecticut.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2003
AF-EMDR Certified – Parnell Institute

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