Rhona Rosenblatt, LCSW

Los Angeles

Hello and welcome! In addition to traditional talk therapy, I incorporate somatic work, which is mindful attention to what is held non-verbally in the body. We will together explore patterns in the body, whether from trauma or other life experiences, that may be impacting you in the present. Clients often tell me that learning to pay attention to their body provides an additional path toward healing that talk therapy alone has not. I see adult clients who want to explore adjustments to changing life circumstances, low mood, depression, anxiety, panic, OCD, fertility, grief, single-incident trauma, and PTSD, including physical and sexual abuse. I worked for over ten years in the field of adoption with prospective parents, new parents, multi-racial families, birth mothers, and adoptees, and spent many years working with foster children. I draw primarily from Sensorimotor Psychotherapy, Attachment-Focused EMDR, Integrative Body Psychotherapy, and Parts work.

My office is set in nature and is surrounded by calming mountain views. I am married with two wonderful children and a dog. In my free time, I enjoy hiking and breathing in fresh mountain and ocean air.