Liliana Casas Hernandez

Bay Area, San Francisco, San Mateo, Berkeley, Mexico City

I consider it a great honor to support children, teens and adults to navigate distressing life experiences and/or relationship challenges. As I am bilingual and bicultural, I am able to offer services in English and in Spanish.

I am one of counted therapists that work with children/teens and trauma using EMDR. One of the last things we want children to experience is a traumatic event such as bullying, abuse, trauma, witnessing disturbing events, or losing a loved one.

Effects of trauma in children/teens can be manifested as changes in eating habits, insomnia, irritability, sadness, isolation, anxiety, refusal to go to school, refusal to leave the home (among many others)

I love tailoring therapy to kids and teens and creating a safe/engaging approach to healing. I start by building a strong foundation of trust and positive regard within the therapeutic relationship. I work collaboratively with parents.

I want the clients I support to experience unconditional respect and safety while enjoying moments of resilience, strength and self-growth.

I have witnessed first hand the innate capacity that children, teens and adults have to heal and recover from traumatic experiences.

For the past 18 years, I have been providing comprehensive mental health services to clients from diverse cultural backgrounds across different settings. My experience has provided me with the opportunity to support children and teens within the school environment (from pre-schools to high school programs). Over the years I have also had the privilege of working within non-profit organizations, outpatient psychiatry departments and victims of crime programs.

My foundation is humanistic and have been described as warm and easy to connect with. I have numerous certifications.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2005
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training

Populations Served


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