Leonicia A. Castro

San Francisco

I am an Integrative and certified EMDR Trauma therapist, completing my Attachment-Focused EMDR training through the Parnell EMDR Institute. I’m deeply rooted in a holistic model which includes the mind-psyche, somatic embodiment, spirit, community and the Planet at large. I’m informed by clinical and spiritual orientations ranging from somatic, relational, intersubjective, IFS (Internal Family Systems), psychodynamic, mindfulness practices, Buddhist Psychology, transpersonal and depth psychotherapies. I have a long-standing 29 year Vipassana Buddhist meditation practice. I received my masters in Psychology with a Somatic Concentration from JFK, Orinda, CA in 1997. Areas of specialty includeL childhood sexual abuse, rape, domestic violence, abusive family of origin and inherited & developmental trauma, institutional traumas (e.g. jails, state hospitals, foster care) dying, terminal illness, spiritual emergencies, process addictions e.g. sex, gambling, relationships.

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