Lastny Rodriguez-Polanco


+1 201-233-8184

Lastny Gabriela is a Latinx, bilingual, trauma-trained clinician who specializes in attachment and relational trauma with a person-centered approach. Lastny works from a trauma-informed, neurodivergent affirming, and Health At Every Size (HAES) framework that honors individual body diversity.

“I believe in the power of relationships and have seen both the negative and positive impacts of that power. I am passionate about helping individuals connect with themselves and heal the parts that have been wounded through relational trauma. Working with me looks like connecting with someone who is invested in your wellbeing and believes in the internal power of healing. Sessions are directed by the client and my role is to support your process. I create a nonjudgmental and compassionate space to work through interpersonal and intrapersonal issues. I work with clients to heal the most important relationship they have: The one with themselves.

“I believe the strongest tool in therapy is the therapeutic relationship. Part of my work involves working through my own personal healing and setting healthy boundaries for myself so that I can be present and engaged in session with my clients. I work from a trauma-informed lens that centers on the client’s experience and wellbeing. Using body-based techniques, we collaborate on building self-trust and strengthening internal and external resources to help you manage life’s stressors.”