Kevin M. Kozin

Lexington, MA

Never worry alone. One of the most difficult tasks in finding a psychotherapist is determining who might be a good fit for your current situation. My goal as a therapist is to see the person in context and to take the time to truly understand your situation, and then work together towards health. My psychotherapy style adapts to the unique needs each person and integrates Attachment Focused EMDR, relational, psychodynamic, interpersonal, and cognitive-behavioral therapies, along with mind-body approaches to help each person achieve balance and well-being. I work with individuals, couples, parents, and children. Specifically, Attachment Focused EMDR is a remarkably powerful tool, and I’m grateful to have the opportunity to utilize EMDR towards my clients’ health.

In addition to my practice as a psychotherapist, I’m also an adjunct professor at Boston University, School of Social Work, teaching courses such as Introduction to Clinical Practice, Adult Psychopathology, Spirituality and Social Work, and Social Work Ethics. In the introductory notes in my Adult Psychopathology course, we begin by discussing “Psychology is greater than Psychopathology.” What this means, is that the study of the mind (psychology) is so much larger than our sicknesses (pathologies), and we are more than our sicknesses. I work with people to find the strengths in all of us, even when these strengths can feel difficult to find.