Jennifer Leinwand

New York, NY

+1 917 991 3317

Jen works with adults seeking support with betrayal trauma, sex/love addiction, codependency, family of origin issues, enmeshment, trauma and relationship issues. Jen values her strong therapeutic relationships with her clients and engages with each client in a non-judgmental, nurturing, and empathic manner to ensure that each client has the opportunity to feel heard and understood.
Using an integrative approach, Jen applies techniques from AF-EMDR, cognitive behavioral therapy, attachment theory, and inner child work. After years of supervision under a highly experienced Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT), Jen is experienced and well informed in the trauma model for betrayed partners, Patrick Carnes model, and Pia Mellody model.
Jen collaborates with clients to increase self-awareness, improve emotional regulation, and develop skills and confidence to make healthy choices. Individualized techniques explore past experiences and patterns to achieve goals through behavior modification and by enhancing insight into overall communication, development, and belief systems.