Telehealth sessions only. I use experiential techniques including Attachment Focused EMDR, Internal Family Systems, ACT, Schema Therapy, Child Work, Integral Deep Listening, Ego States, DBT. I offer dating, premarital and Family Counseling. If you are looking to understand and manage traumatic experiences, child wounds and to improve your relationships I am here to help you go deep into those problems. I offer supportive counseling using Christian concepts and we accept clients of all religions and beliefs. Hypnosis services ( check your insurance and condition first)
I work with severe traumas and attachment woundings. I help with spiritual problems and crises. I offer skills while dating and before marriage. I offer Discernment Counseling and Mini Intensives for Couples. Trabajo todo tipo de trauma de la niñez, problemas emocionales, de pareja, de familia, conflictos con la espiritualidad y problemas corporales.
NEW! EMDR and Taoist Emotional Recycling and Hypnosis. I offer therapy for performance in sports and learning. I offer Developmental, IFS and Schema Therapy for couples. These are specialized wounding healing techniques for couples to heal their traumas and improve communication.
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