I am a registered psychologist with a master’s degree in counselling psychology. I believe that people are always striving for more fulfilling lives, but often find there are barriers. In my practice I offer support to clients who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck in old patterns, uncertain how to heal from previous adversities, or are experiencing challenging dynamics with the people in their lives. My areas of specialty include trauma and abuse, attachment and family of origin issues, anxiety, as well as other forms of emotional dysregulation. I provide counselling to adolescents, adults, and couples. I frequently work with first responders and health care providers. My goal is to work with clients to create significant change to help them live their preferred lives; I am dedicated to creating a welcoming atmosphere that invites clients to feel at ease and understood.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2014
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training, EMDR Certified – EMDRIA

Populations Served


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