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Kristy McConnell

Hi! I’m Kristy McConnell, RPsych. I created Off the Beaten Path to provide psychotherapy to those in the Airdrie area who are interested in combining movement with therapy and EMDR. OBP is a unique mental health treatment that utilizes movement by walking or running together during therapy. Office appointments are

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Caylee Villett

I am a registered psychologist with a master’s degree in counselling psychology. I believe that people are always striving for more fulfilling lives, but often find there are barriers. In my practice I offer support to clients who are feeling overwhelmed, stuck in old patterns, uncertain how to heal from

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Kim Lorine

I am a Licensed Psychologist in the State of California, USA, as well as a Registered Psychologist in British Columbia, Canada. My therapeutic approach is influenced by Psychodynamic-Attachment psychotherapy theories. I completed specialized trauma-informed certification in somatic therapy through the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute. I am a Certified EMDR practitioner with

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