Sara Hamilton Dietzel

San Francisco Bay Area

Sara Hamilton Dietzel is a highly skilled Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in California, specializing in mental health and well-being. With her private practice located in the vibrant San Francisco East Bay area, Sara offers telehealth services to residents of California. With over a decade of experience, Sara has honed her expertise in incorporating Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) into her therapeutic approach since 2007.

As a Certified EMDR Therapist, as well as an EMDRIA and Parnell Institute Approved Consultant, Sara is dedicated to providing compassionate support to individual clients and couples who have experienced various forms of trauma. By seamlessly integrating Attachment Focused-EMDR with other trauma-informed modalities and strategies, she empowers her clients to tap into their inherent capacity for healing and personal growth, guiding them toward optimal health and wholeness.

Sara’s holistic approach to therapy encompasses the mind, body, and spirit, incorporating soul psychology into her practice. This comprehensive approach ensures a thorough and transformative healing process for her clients. Drawing upon her extensive background as an educator, Sara takes great pleasure in offering consultation services to fellow therapists seeking to incorporate Attachment Focused-EMDR into their own therapeutic practices.

To learn more about Sara Hamilton Dietzel and her therapeutic services, please visit her website at

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