Ruth M. Fankushen

Davis, Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Los Gatos, San Diego--all of California

I feel honored to work with clients as they transform behaviors, thoughts, and emotions that block them from living the life they want. In addition being trained in Attachment-Focused EMDR by the Parnell Institute, I also have extensive training in Bereavement counseling and Trauma-Focused CBT. I’m happy to offer standard 50-minute EMDR sessions, as well as Intensive 90-minute EMDR sessions. These accelerated and laser-focused sessions help to resolve particular traumatic/distressing experiences in less time than traditional weekly therapy sessions (when clinically appropriate).

If you already have a primary therapist, I offer Adjunct EMDR sessions. For these, I consult with your therapist and help you make more progress by focusing on resolving areas where you may feel stuck. I currently provide online EMDR sessions with adults all over California, as well as in my Davis, CA office. Please contact me for a free 15-minute consultation.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2016
EMDR Certified – EMDRIA