Robin Herbst-Paparne

New York, New Jersey, Florida

Welcome! I’m Robin, a licensed psychologist practicing in NY, NJ, and FL.

I currently serve clients full-time in private practice; however, my experience and training has been devoted to providing essential psychotherapeutic services to adults, adolescents, and children in private practice; in city, state, and private hospitals (inpatient and day treatment, consultation liaison, child advocacy, chemical addictions detox and treatment, neuropsychological assessment); and in Title I schools.
Specialized intensive trainings include AF-EMDR, AEDP.

Some conditions that commonly present in my practice include trauma, anxiety, stress, depression, chronic illness, grief, and loss as well as foci pertaining to identity, career, relationships, and major life decisions.

Beyond this sacred work that is being a therapist, I work alongside some incredible humans at, a supportive space and platform for people with chronic illnesses.

Feel free to stop by and say hello!

Additional Qualifications

Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training

Populations Served