Lia Amakawa

Union Square, NY
+1 (929)500-1577

I am dedicated to facilitating deep and impactful change. I not only treat symptoms but encourage my clients to aim for more connected and fulfilled lives. I believe that a safe, supportive and truly affirming environment is the beginning. From this place, clients are able to take necessary risks, enhance connections to self and others, lift or establish boundaries, desensitize and reprocess distress, among other meaningful shifts.

As an integrative EMDR therapist, I am continually considering ways to prepare clients for the desensitization and reprocessing phases of EMDR. I believe that preparing clients in very specific ways (e.g., teaching self-regulation and co-regulation skills, resourcing expansive feeling states, and understanding and connecting to self parts) makes the desensitization and reprocessing of distressing memories progress more efficiently and gently. The therapeutic process will be one that relies on collaboration and will be respond to your evolving needs throughout treatment. I will bring my full self to the work, conveying humor, authenticity, expressiveness, and care.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2012
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training

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