Kimberly L Simpson

I remember as a child being moved by a book where a little girl received physical therapy for a disability that ultimately led her to thrive again and reclaim her childhood. I held onto that desire and pursued a biology degree in undergraduate school. While getting my degree, I moved into the realm of nutrition and the power of eating well and using food as medicine. I began a graduate program in nutrition but that was not the right fit; I wanted to look at the issues underlying the symptoms. I wanted to learn about why we do not thrive and how to address it. It was a ten year journey that finally led me to beginning my masters in social work where I focused on clinical practice and eating disorders. ​ Since graduating I have continued my learning and education in studying the enneagram and integrating that into my practice. I have also been certified in Attwchment Focused -EMDR to use with clients who have experienced trauma. This training has given me techniques to access the body and help unlock the trauma it holds from the bottom up while talk therapy works from the top down.

I work to create a safe environment where you can come and explore the layers of beliefs, behaviors, and memories and then move towards your true self. To experience greater freedom, we look at life patterns and work together to understand and name overwhelming struggles and unnoticed strengths. I work with a variety of clients who come in with relationship issues, symptoms of anxiety or depression, issues around eating and eating disorders, childhood and family problems, and a history of trauma.

I look at each client as a whole person with your own story that has led you to where you are today. When we look at current problems, it is always in the context of your story and all the parts of your life to ultimately help you love towards thriving.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2003
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training

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