Jaclyn Hardy

Treasure Valley, Idaho

Individuals, couples, and families experience trauma, stressors, and circumstances outside their control throughout life. Such times can leave us feeling overwhelmed and disconnected from ourselves and others. My counseling focus is meeting individuals where they are and facilitating healing, connection, strength, and balance. I am committed to assisting clients with self-connection and nurturing healthy relationships with themselves and others. When individuals have done the work to heal, they can better show up in their relationships. We are relational beings, wired for connection, yet sometimes we get caught in negative cycles, often driven by the same unmet needs. I help individuals and couples uncover those underlying unmet needs, emotions, and perceptions and then facilitate a pattern of turning toward each other rather than away.

You can find me playing with my husband and four hilarious kids when I am not in the office. We love the outdoors, hiking, exploring beautiful Idaho, being in the mountains, time on the river, and making memories with family and friends.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2022
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training