Caron Post Ph.D.

Los Angeles
+1 310 502 2472

Dr. Caron Post is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 30 years of clinical experience. She works with individuals, couples and families. Her areas of focus include depression and anxiety, loss and grief, trauma and resilience, life transitions, stress management, relationship issues, and the transition to parenthood and postpartum depression.
She provides an integrated approach, primarily influenced by attachment theory, emotional regulation, mind-body integration, AF-EMDR, mindfulness, contemporary relational psychoanalysis and interpersonal neurobiology.

She provides a confidential therapeutic & healing relationship to help clients come to know themselves more fully and deeply, to live with more compassion,equanimity, satisfaction, joy and freedom.She supports clients in healing and recovery from trauma including developmental and attachment trauma.
Dr Post is a recipient of The Los Angeles Psychological Association’s Distinguished Service to the Community, Diversity and Social Justice Award. and received her doctorate from New York University.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 1998
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training

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