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Vicki Wilburn, RTC

Alberta and Across Canada
+1 403-860-7698

My life’s experiences of extreme struggle & pain, has allowed me to do the work I do today! Throughout my childhood I experienced beautiful moments & much trauma. Trusting became difficult & the world appeared as very scary place. I lived most of my life pretending to have it all together, eating to numb out my feelings, focusing on others needs & living in anxiety & depression.

When the way I was living was no longer serving me, I decided I needed something different. I started my journey of personal & professional grow. After graduated from Counsellor Training, I became a Registered Therapeutic Counsellor & one of the greatest pieces of learning I received was… I could only help my clients to the extent that I was willing to go in my own life. So, the best training in becoming a therapist was by going within & courageously exploring my life & my family history so I could show up more fully in my life and fully in service to my clients.

Additional Qualifications

In Practice Since 2018
Completed Approved EMDR Basic Training

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