Laura Gardner

Oakland, CA

As an experienced Marriage & Family Therapist with over 17 years of experience, I can work with you to heal your emotional pain. My practice is eclectic using a variety of modalities, including EMDR. I work with the following populations/issues:

1. Individual adults with complex trauma (growing up with challenging family/peer dynamics that are still impacting you).
2. Individual adults struggling to overcome perfectionism.
3. Survivors of sexual assault, rape, and/or harassment.
4. Interracial and interfaith couples who need help communicating, and navigating differences (opposite or same sex couples).

I am licensed in both California and Oregon and am currently seeing people weekly or twice-weekly via video appointments. Passion for my work combines my interests in the body/mind connection, love of diverse cultures, and fascination with human nature. I love what I do and truly respect my clients’ willingness to collaborate and look inwards.